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Improve manufacturing productivity, performance efficiency and quality.

To Fashion Retailers

Get deep insights, improve collaboration and visibility of your suppliers.

Take control of your factories with Silaé, the most comprehensive Industry 4.0 data and analytics platform to improve productivity, compliance, transparency and sustainability.

Bringing Industry 4.0 and OEE to apparel factories

The Gold Standard of Productive Efficiency Improvement

With global competition rising, optimal production is pivotal to staying in business in modern times. The global best practices are to monitor and benchmark components of OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Silaé automates OEE KPI generation in garment factory floors.



Improve asset availability, uptime and utilization



Get early warnings to achieve zero defects



Improve operation's productivity and efficiency


Health & Safety

Improve physical and mental well-being



Improve environmental and social footprint


Industrial IIoT Solution For Apparel Factories

"Impact is an old practice but new science."

We understand that technology adoption is not always straightforward. Silaé uses proprietary technology to make it effortless for fashion factories to get connected, and provides a powerful platform to unleash the benefits of modern technology.


Higher Asset Availability


Higher Utilization


Higher Efficiency


Lower defects


Reduced Line Balancing Time


Improved Skill Evaluation Accuracy


less Meeting Hours 


Wage Increase


Generating Deep Operational Insights

Asset Management

Production Planning

Production Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Quality Monitoring

Cost Monitoring

Energy & Water Consumption 

Water Consumption Monitoring

Material Waste Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Factory HVAC Monitoring

Toilet Hygeine Monitoring

Get Real Time Situational Awareness of the Factories

Reports and alerts arrive at your fingertips

Our smart factory platform keeps you updated about factory operations without visiting the site. Silaé comes with a reliable and smart network infrastructure to transmit data back and forth between the control center and devices in real time, and to ensure that automated systems run seamlessly, so that we've got you covered at all times.

Dozens of built-in reports and views

We have got you covered on everything from production, productivity to quality

End of shift reports and analytics

View on factory dashboards or remote, wherever you are sure to 'win every shift'

Alerts and notifications

We make sure you are on top of everything with alerts, automated escalations

Get Any Factory Connected Within Hours

We Take Care of Everything

Silaé is designed for installation and usage efficiency. Entire process of installation and commissioning can be completed within hours and dashboards can be be made live the same day. We assume complete ownership of all tasks from installation, commissioning, network, training and configurations so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Innovative IIoT Sensors

Proprietary IIoT sensors (Patent Filed)

Smart I/O Data Gateway

Silaé brings its own network

Intelligent Cloud Platform

Full power of technology unleashed

It's Affordable

Silaé is easy for you to start small and to organically expand.


Silaé offers you a pay-as-you-go approach where you pay as you use them, for as long as you use them, and no termination fees once you stop using.

Start Small

We encourage every new client to start with a single line installation making your upfront commitment minimal.

Easy to Scale

Start with single line, expand to one floor, expand to one factory, and then add more factories as time and resources permit.


About Us


Silaé is a new age analytics firm that automatically gathers factory production data using custom IIoT devices and data analytics to facilitate productivity enhancements and improves transparency on sustainability practices. The company is on a mission to improve economic, environmental and social footprint of fashion manufacturing facilities employing millions of workers.

Silaé team consists of experienced and talented members with complementary skills and extensive know-how in IoT, data analytics, product design, compliance, finance, and sustainability. Silaé, FashTrack, ESGRobo and relevant patents and trademarks are property of Silaé ESG Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company with registered address at Bhopal, India. 

Alastair Woodward

Alastair Woodward

Advisor - Product Strategy

Antony Xaviour

Antony Xaviour

Advisor - Industrial Deployments

Charlotte Christensen

Charlotte Christensen

Advisor - Global Partnerships

Dr. Shirish Sangle

Dr. Shirish Sangle

Advisor - Sustainability & Impact

Shinath V

Shinath V

Advisor - Product Adoption

Mukund Nambirajan

Mukund Nambirajan

Advisor - Technology

Customer Success Team
Sandeep Raghuwanshi

Sandeep Raghuwanshi

Founder & CEO

R Azhahia Manavaalan

R Azhahia Manavaalan

Factory Relations

Vishrut Jha

Vishrut Jha

Cloud Development



Mary Shanaja

Mary Shanaja

Customer Support

Stejin Wilfred

Stejin Wilfred

Installation & Commissioning

Data Privacy

We take data privacy very seriously and have robust policies in place which includes privacy by design, data minimization, data aggregation, data retention and deletion policies. All data is collected through consent and transparency of usage. Contact us to know about our detailed data privacy policies.

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