Merchandiser FAQs

Elevate your garment procurement experience with Silae Smart Factory 

Welcome to the future of garment manufacturing! Our Smart Factory solution redefines the role of merchandisers, making the lives of buyer procurement teams easier and more efficient. Gain unparalleled visibility into order processing, traceability of components, and real-time updates—all at your fingertips. Explore how our solution transforms the traditional garment procurement landscape.

Common questions we hear about merchandising services

What is the role of a merchandiser in a garment factory?

The merchandiser in a garment factory plays a crucial role in managing the communication and coordination between the factory and the buyer. They are responsible for order processing, ensuring timely production, and maintaining quality standards.

How does your Smart Factory solution enhance the role of a merchandiser?

Our Smart Factory solution empowers merchandisers by providing real-time visibility into the entire order processing lifecycle. It automates tasks such as order confirmation, size ratio finalization, and T&A (Time and Action) generation, streamlining the merchandiser's workflow.

Can the Smart Factory solution assist in order tracking and status updates for buyers?

Absolutely. Merchandisers can use the Smart Factory dashboard to track orders at every stage. This includes order confirmation, size ratio finalization, photoshoot sample submission, shipment sample submission, and the generation of final inspection reports. Buyers can receive instant updates on the progress of their orders.

How does the solution facilitate communication between the factory and buyer procurement teams?

Our Smart Factory solution acts as a centralized communication platform. Merchandisers can share order details, production updates, and quality reports directly with the buyer procurement team through the system, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

Does the Smart Factory solution provide traceability for components used in production?

Yes, traceability is a key feature of our solution. Merchandisers can trace the journey of each component, from yarn purchase orders to fabric inspection reports. This ensures transparency and allows buyers to verify the quality and authenticity of materials used in their orders.

Can the solution generate automated reports for the buyer's procurement team?

Certainly. Our Smart Factory solution automates the generation of various reports, including final inspection reports and order closing files. Merchandisers can effortlessly provide comprehensive reports to the buyer's procurement team, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

How does the solution optimize the merchandiser's time and efficiency?

By automating routine tasks such as T&A generation and order chart preparation, our Smart Factory solution frees up valuable time for merchandisers. This allows them to focus on strategic aspects of their role, fostering increased efficiency and productivity.

Is the Smart Factory solution customizable to meet specific buyer requirements?

Yes, our solution is highly customizable. Merchandisers can tailor the system to align with specific buyer preferences, ensuring a personalized and seamless experience for buyer procurement teams.

Can the Smart Factory solution contribute to sustainable and ethical practices?

Absolutely. The solution provides visibility into various processes, allowing merchandisers to monitor and ensure compliance with sustainable and ethical practices. Buyers can confidently partner with factories committed to responsible manufacturing.

How can our procurement team integrate with the Smart Factory solution?

Integration is straightforward. Our Smart Factory solution offers user-friendly interfaces and can be easily accessed by buyer procurement teams. We provide onboarding support to ensure a smooth integration process.

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