Introducing Silae

Problems Silae addresses

Garment industries face specific issues like product variability, attrition, absenteeism, lack of management talent and more.

Silae helps them adopt Gold standards of Industrial Engineering to improve productivity and profitability.

Sectors we address

Kids wear

Men's wear

Women's wear

Inner Wear


Home furnishing


Key Problems Silae solves

Digitize WIP management 

Efficiency tracking (only with Silae Essentials)

Track order status remotely

Build 100% digital inspection reports

Track and eliminate loss-time in real-time (only with Silae Essentials)

Run data driven meetings

Customer testimonials

CEO testimonial

Hear a CEO explain how Silae helps them improve margins with real-time info

ERP team

How Silae helps plan operations better (in Tamil)

Data analysis team

How Silae scores over ERP in powering on-time analysis

Data entry operator

Silae helps reduce data entry efforts by 60%

Operator (tailor)

Silae automatically collects data, so it lets them focus on task at hand


How Silae improves productivity and quality

Voices from the floor

Line supervisors and operators talk about how Silae helps with automatic data collection, reporting and accountability

Industry recognition

Silae is proud to be selected as a DeepTech startup in NASSCOM's exclusive DeepTech Club.

Strategic partnerships