Sourcing Services: Elevating Your Apparel Production Journey

At Silae, we take pride in offering comprehensive services that cover every step of the apparel production process. From meticulous merchandising to precision in fabrication, sample development, trims, and production, we are here to make your vision a reality. Explore the diverse services we offer below:


From order confirmation to the closing of the order file, our smart factory solution automates the entire merchandising process. 

Real-time updates on size ratio finalization, order chart preparation, and automatic T&A (Time and Action) generation ensure that you stay in control at every stage.


Sample Development



Unleash The Power of IIoT 

At Silae, we leverage the Industrial Internet of Things to connect every aspect of your supply chain. Our IIoT-based smart factory solution auto-generates data to provide:

Real-Time Visibility:


Automated Data Generation:

Efficient Labor Tracking:

Why Choose Silae Smart Factory Solution

End-to-End Integration:

Efficiency and Precision:

Enhanced Quality Control:

Customized Solutions:

Ready to elevate your garment manufacturing process? 

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