Smart Factory

Factory details at your fingertips

Silae is a patent-pending Industry 4.0 solution designed exclusively for the realities of the garment manufacturity industry factory floor.

Silae lets you quickly create digital twins of your facilities, machinery, employees and processes.

Silae streams real-time insights of all of these so you can keep tab whenever and wherever you are.

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Data from your floor. Now in spreadsheets.

Silae lets you deploy the power of smart factory with tools that your team are already familiar with.

Silae's Connected Sheets auto-refresh data from sensors and provide powerful templates to help you improve predictability and profitability.

Silae's Connected Sheets allow you to export data into Excel formats if you choose to, so your team can utilize insights without requiring training.

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Design your own dashboards

If you feel you need more power, Silae's Data Feeds let you build your own dashboards with minimal effort.

Silae Real-time Data Feeds auto-refresh data from your factory floor and let you build pivot tables, charts or even export to Excel. 

Silae Connected Sheets & Real-time Data Feeds also allow you to add data that will stay private, so you can run your own analysis that stays with you. 

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An app for the factory floor

Silae provides powerful tools to each role. Complementing Silae Connected Sheets is the intuitive Silae Factory App that lets your floor staff track production and loss-time, create new lines, map machines to operation steps and more.

Silae's app is also designed so that there is no data entry required from the floor supervisors. All they need to do is assign reason codes for loss-time. 

With no manual data-entry, you can rest assured that your staff isn't wasting time on creating reports, and any data you receive is accurate.

Silae Factory App