About Silae apps

Key features of Silae apps

IOT Sensors + Mobile Apps + Live Data = 100% Digital Experience 

Silae's suite of apps let you plan and run your entire production system with a 100% mobile workflow 

Silaé T&A app: Improve customer satisfaction, instill trust and confidence in reliability of your operations

In apparel manufacturing industry, adhering to strict timelines is crucial, such as project management, manufacturing, supply chain, and event planning. Silaé's T&A app allows your team to manage tasks, activities, and deadlines in a structured and time-bound manner.

Silae pre-production: Digital handover to production floor

Silae's Pre-production app enables the cutting department to feed live production lines with real-time stock level feedback.

Silae Production app: Maximize throughput

Silae's Production app offers real-time visual workflows powered by auto-generated data from patent-protected IOT sensors.

Silae inspection: Improve First Time Right ratio

Silae Inspection app enables your Quality Teams to improve impact of your quality control process with a 100% data trail.

Silae IE app: Give your IE team superpowers

Silae's Smart IE app allows your IE team to do all their planning on the mobile with intuitive workflows.

Silae Skilling: Manage your training content

Silae Skilling is a comprehensive skilling and training app designed for garment factory workers. It provides capabilities for factories to manage a diverse range of high-quality instructional videos and curated playlists covering all aspects of garment production. `

Managers have access to a dashboard for progress monitoring. 

Silaé Skilling empowers workers, enhances efficiency, and ensures industry compliance, ultimately elevating the garment manufacturing sector.

Silae Master: Client admin app

Silae's Master app is designed for client admins. It has all the features of all other apps, and additionally, you can:

Explore the Silae app suite


Silaé™ Apps include a very powerful interface for sharing information within the factory floor or with managers. There are a range of options available that appear at every page, which include search, filters, help, navigation, information and actions. 

Top level Navigation

The easiest way to use Silae is through shortcuts on the home screen.

The homescreen is structured to let you take quick actions as well as view info using shortcuts.

The homescreen is customized as per the Silae app, and shows relevant options.

App usage

Silae is designed around a card-based interface that makes viewing information and taking action simple.

Tapping a card helps you drill down, or view relevant info.

For example, Silae organizes all purchase orders relevant to a buyer. By clicking on a buyer, you can see all purchase orders listed (see screenshot).

Tapping a purchase order shows the list of job orders that have been created under this, and production status.

This makes navigating the app easy as there are just one or two actions that the user can take on each screen.


Search is extremely useful as it is the quickest way to find detailed information about a metric. 

Silae provides an option to search for information at different screens. You can use search to quickly get to the metric you want


Filters are powerful aids in narrowing focus to elements you are keen on.

Silae provides relevant filters for different screens to let you deep dive into specific information.

For instance, you could use filters on colors and sizes to narrow down focus on specific bundles related to them.

Another use case could be to filter information by date, allowing you to see historical information.


Silae provides topical help for key pages. This minimizes the learning curve in using the interface.

User can access videos highlighting how to use features where help is available.

Easy share

Silae provides unique share capability on key screens. Clicking on the share icon in the header lets you share a screenshot of the page as well as a link to the screen. You can share this using the regular Android or iOS share options.

Users who receive the information (eg: through Whatsapp) can view the screenshot and get to the info by simply clicking on the link. This takes them to the same screen as the sender (provider they have user permissions). They can use all options on the page (eg: filters, search, etc.) as usual.

This allows multiple users to discuss the same info making meetings data driven as everyone can tap on the same info. 

Andon System

Andon in Lean manufacturing (or traffic light system) is a system designed to alert managers of problems in real-time so corrective actions can be taken immediately. 

Silae adapts this for the production floor and let floor and factory managers quickly spot problems in lines in real-time. 

This makes spotting bottlenecks easy, allowing the supervisor to take corrective action and improve efficiency of the entire line.

Kanban Cards

Kanban is a popular Lean workflow management that visually helps track work as it moves through a process.

Silae adopts Kanban to help you track material flow through the cut-to-inspection process.