Silae Smart Factory

"Silae is incredibly fast way to upgrade your factory to Smart Factory. Most clients achieve it while their factory slows for the weekend and start reaping benefits next Monday! 

Your daily gains with Silae easily surpass the costs many times over. "

- Tiruppur based manufacturer

Your factory. Now smarter.

Silae has been designed based on years of study of production floors. 

Silae requires no workforce training.  Regardless of line changeover frequency, absenteeism, attrition, product complexity or factory size, Silae just works.  

At the heart of Silae's solution is a powerful combination of latest technology - patent-pending IOT sensors, an app that let's your production floor go paperless, robust cloud analytics and practical insights to help you run your factory better.

The Silae tech stack includes:

Enjoy the benefits of Industry 4.0. Without a tech team.

The technology behind Silae is complex, but you wouldn't know when you use it. Using Silae requires minimal workforce training.

Best of all, Silae is designed so you don't need a tech team to maintain it. 

Silae's sensors have a 5-year guarantee, and can be replaced in just a few minutes in the unlikely chance that they fail. Silae's cloud solutions are built atop Google's infrastructure so as to be super reliable.

A peek behind the scenes - How Silae works

Silae IOT sensors

Automatic data collection using IOT

A common challenge on production floors is the requirement to enter data (either on paper or using an app). But this slows the supervisory staff down, and increases chances of erroneous data.

Silae's IOT sensors auto-generate data when your sewing machines run and stream them directly to the cloud. With data collection automated, you can rest assured that data is trustworthy.

Cloud Data Platform: Automates your analysis and analytics

Silae's IOT sensors stream data back to our sophisticated processing engines hosted on robust cloud infrastructure. 

Silae's Cloud Data Platform churns out topical insights to help you run your factory better.

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Data Feeds: Automates your reporting and displays

Insights are available as data feeds that you can easily integrate into existing applications. 

You can also decide to share select info with your buyers using Silae Data Feeds so as to integrate better with their planning.

Connected Sheets: Your factory at a glance

Silae Connected Sheets are an easy way to use insights from Data Feeds.

Silae offers a set of templates on production information and loss time information that auto-refresh with live data. But it's also super-easy to build your own templates.

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Wondering how to get your team ramped up for Silae? Here are answers to common queries.

My team is wary of tech solutions. Why should they accept something like Silae?

Most tech initiatives fail because they require major changes in existing ways of working and/or adoption of tools that have a steep learning curve.

We understand that a majority of your staff may not be tech-savvy. That's why we have taken care that the solution appears familiar and easy.

Your production floor staff just have to install an Android app on their phones. This app allows them to access data on operation bulletins, buyer and style info and more without having to type anything

The app has an intuitive interface that lets them configure new lines and see information related to the steps of the lines they manage. All information is presented in existing industry terms, so it seems familiar.

Silae helps automate elements like assigning machines to lines, assigning operators to lines and tracking bundles using a combination of RFID card taps and scanning of QR codes - which your staff will already be familar with.

We promise Silae will be nothing like any other tech solution you've tried earlier. 

Once your staff see live statistics on their apps, we promise they'll love Silae as it frees them from cumbersome data entry tasks, allowing them to focus on keeping the lines working at top efficiency.

Terms like Smart Factory are difficult to explain to my staff. What does it really mean to their daily work?

Silae lets your factory staff work smarter, not harder.

Today, your floor supervisory staff spend a lot of time on:

The Silae Smart Factory app helps address a lot of these issues:

With Silae, there's no need for the team to fill in hourly reports on production as these are auto-generated. They can focus on improving productivity for each step.

In factories using Silae, we find that floor supervisors quickly realize that Silae is an aid and not a burden. 

Is Silae a monitoring tool? What if my supervisors hesitate to adopt it for this reason?

Our philosophy is not to monitor people, but inefficiencies and losses.

Silae helps map reasons why the inefficiencies occur so your team can resolve these quickly.

For instance, let's take the case of an operator not meeting the planned production target over a session. This immediately affects the entire line's production.

Silae helps your line supervisor to track production and loss time in real-time, and also compare target vs actual performance. If there are issues that the operator faces, or if there is a machine breakdown, the supervisor can immediately address this. 

Silae provides a variety of tools and rich data from your own production floor benchmarked against your immediate peers to set the 'ideal' time for your targets and not just rely on mythical “standard times”. This helps address cases where the targets are too aggressive.

By providing the right data at the right time, Silae helps your floor supervisors and operators work as one team to Win Every Shift.

How do I explain Silae Smart Factory to Line Supervisors and Operators?

Many of our successful clients find that the best way to explain Smart Factory  to operators is to discuss it in the context of underlying loss times (i.e., Feeding delays, Cutting delays, Idling and Minor Stops, Reduced Speed, Quality Defects, and Bottlenecks). 

Silae helps connect those loss information to actions that can be taken to improve results.

Silae App Loss Time view is a tool designed to do exactly that. Silae App provides real time view to the line supervisors in an easy to access and intuitive manner to identify and act on opportunities to improve production and win every hour. 

It allows quick and 'at a glance' reviews of loss times as they emerge during the shift to enable course corrections and immediate small-scale fixes that collectively result in significant improvements in factory productivity. 

It supercharges your factory. Seeing is believing. Just try it!

My factory has a lot of line changeovers. How does Silae help in this case?

As seasons become shorter and trends change rapidly, the order sizes continue to become smaller. In this environment, managing changeovers efficiently are an essential part of the production process for manufacturers to stay competitive. 

Changeover time is lost production time – time that should be spent manufacturing pieces. Silae helps you visualize your overall factory's available time, time spent in changeovers and estimating the cost of that lost time. 

Silae's app lets you quickly create new lines from operation bulletins with a few quick taps, so your team can focus on reducing changeover time. 

Machines can be assigned to steps using QR code scanning, and employees to machines using RFID card taps. These help greatly reduce the time spent on configuring new lines. 

Do my operators need special training for using Silae?

We know that a lot of factories have a large number of contractual employees. 

That's why we designed Silae so that your operators can use it without any training. All they need to do is to tap their assigned RFID card on the Silae sensor. This automatically tracks when they were first assigned to a machine and captures statistics on production, punctuality and loss time for them.

At the end of every operation, the operator only has to push one button on Silae sensor that signals operation complete. This is designed ergonomically so they can do it without adding to their production efforts.

In case of issues like machine breakdown, needle breakage, etc. or even taking an unplanned break, a long press of the button is all it takes to record an issue. The supervisor can later select a reason for the break. 

As soon as the operator starts work, Silae automatically starts collecting data again. 

Typically, operators learn to use Silae features in less than 10 minutes. That leads to increased production through the day.

I want to try out the solution before shifting my entire factory to it. Is that possible?

Of course!

Silae is designed to be scalable. You can start with as little as machines for two lines and scale to cover your entire factory once your team is comfortable with the solution.

Please note: if you choose to start small, it's your responsibility to ensure that you only use machines with Silae sensors for lines you're tracking to view accurate information.