The Silae Platform

Silae Platform Modules 

The Silae Platform

Silaé™ is configured by fusing data from Physical shop floor and Silaé Cloud Platform. 

The Silaé™ platform consists of following modules:

Silaé™ includes a combination of automatically collected data from proprietary sensors and inputs made through user apps.  

Silae Industrial IOT Sensors

The Silaé™ IoT devices monitor the manufacturing process and environment. Silaé™ devices work equally well as stand-alone devices, in small sets or large sets as edge computing devices connected to the Silaé™ Cloud platform.

Silaé™ IoT devices are designed to be extremely easy and fast to install and be commissioned. The process utilizes pre-activated IoT devices that snap right onto your production line. It is possible to complete installation of the devices in the entire factory floor in just a few hours without any interruption to ongoing work. 

Silae Cloud Platform

Silaé™ Cloud platform is a cloud-based module that provides advanced analytical and intelligent services for the Silaé™ platform. The platform aggregates streaming data from all the sensors and analyzes and interprets them in context of the process information. 

Once configured, the Silaé™ Cloud platform includes the following features:

Silae Data Feeds

Silaé™ Data Feeds are auto refreshing and real time contextualized parameters ready for analysis or preparation of reports. These include, for example, machine utilization data converted into cycle time and loss time values, bundle tracking data converted into inventory level at feeding racks or waiting for checking, pieces completed by a specific operator etc.

These feeds power mobile apps with real time insights, reports (eg: automatically delivered end-of-shift reports), alerts (real-time messages, notifications and/or emails) and other features.

Silaé™ Feeds make the underlying data easily accessible and immediately available to you and your team.

Silae App Suite

Silaé™ Apps Suite is a rich set of role based mobile apps ready for use at the factory floor from the moment Silaé™ platform is configured. These Apps provide a user-friendly interface to perform all necessary actions from order planning, operation bulletin configuration, cycle time setting, line layout planning, line setting, machine assignment, material tagging, roving inspections, end of line inspections and much more. 

Silae aims to make decision making easier by providing role-based access to the same underlying data and are custom-built for key roles on the factory floor. Important information required for coordination and accountability is available to all users and roles in real-time. This makes decision making data-driven instead of opinion based.

Silae Digital Twin

Silaé™ cloud data platform aggregates the incoming data and processes to create the virtual shop floor. The actual production shop floor data is received, analyzed and is used to generate a range of metrics, KPIs, alerts and events to trigger generation and delivery of insights to various stakeholders via apps  and data feeds. 

Silae Connected Sheets

Silae takes an interface that's familiar - spreadsheets - and supercharges it by automatically populating it with real-time data and insights from your factory floor.

At its core is a set of tables with live data. Silae Connected Spreadsheets offer powerful templates built on top of this data to help you track production, loss time and more.

Silae Connected Spreadsheets can be set to automatically mail you reports every evening.

The spreadsheets are secure, stay in your company folders and can be accessed only by authorized staff within the organization using same credentials as for rest of the platform.