Learn how to setup and use Silae apps for your factory

Before you start

Overview of Silae apps

Initial app based configuration


First time login

Adding user permissions

Add site, factory and floor

Add shifts and sessions

Follow these five steps on the Silae Master app to complete onboarding:

This sets up the organization to start using Silae.

Add details on buyer and styles

Add buyers & styles

Silae lets you add information on your buyers. You can also add style information, including style image, style ID, colors and sizes.

Create OB

Create Operation Bulletins for your styles using Silae's intutive interface. Add details on steps, machine requirements and SAM values (Ideal Cycle Times).

Edit OB

You can also edit an OB. Add steps, delete steps or rearrange with a simple drag-and-drop interface on the mobile

Add purchase orders and job orders

Add details of purchase orders including PO number, sytles, colors, sizes and quantities

Break up POs into one or more Job Orders

Specify order details

To help you track progress of work done against orders, Silae lets you create Purchase orders and allows you to break down Purchase orders into Job Orders. These can contain:

See sample below

Create and end a Line

Create a line

Assign machine to a step using QR code

Change machine assignment

End Line

Silae lets you create lines that can work on a style with a defined OB. The Silae production app lets you create a line and do line setting. 

Checklist before creating a line:

Each  operator is 

Line Feeding

About bundles for Line Feeding

Silae lets you create bundles for job orders and track these from cutting to inspection.

Each bundle can be assigned an RFID card with a QR code on it.

Silae lets you place Silae Lite Sensors at critical points of the bundle journey to track it:

Key points about the bundle creation:

Real-time order tracking

Real-time order overview

Real-time feeding overview

Keep on top of your order status at a glance

Silae lets you keep track of order status at a glance.

To see how your purchase order is progressing, simply click on the Order Status button and choose buyer and PO. See a real-time Kanban view of order completion at different stages of production.

Similarly, you can track feeding status - Ready, WIP and checking - for a particular oder by clicking on the Feeding status.

Live production monitoring (only on Silae Essentials)

Production monitoring

Loss time monitoring

Silae Essentials lets you monitor live production and loss time at each step of the line.

Silae sensors auto-generate data and there is no manual intervention involved.

Improve your productivity with authentic data that lets you quickly spot and tackle bottlenecks.

Inline inspection

Start in-line inspection

Inline inspection history

Silae lets you conduct 100% digital inline (roving) inspections.

Run meetings more efficiently

Easy share of information

Real-time status reports

Silae makes running meetings more productive.